Hisingen surf punk since 2011

New video

A live video of Deeper in Debt from the release gig is now available:


Live tonight

Tonight we’re doing a live show at Skriket, Hisingen. They open 19 pm. Be there or be whatever.


You can now buy the EP and the t-shirt in our new webstore on tictail.com – or if you prefer the more personal way, send an email to us and we’ll give you all the details.

The EP availible for free download!

The EP is now availible on Soundcloud for free listening and downloading. You’ll find it in the music section.

The EP

Thank you all for showing up at the release party. It was a blast. Thank you Jonas who shared his low key guitar tunes with us in the summer evening, thank you Jealous Cowards for being awesome, and thank you all friends, who showed up and supported us!

The EP costs 40 SEK and can be bought by contacting us. There are also t-shirts available, photos of those will come up soon!

You can also find us on Spotify HERE!

The songs will soon also be able to listen to from this website. Just hold on a bit longer!

/Fucktards crew

Fucktards releasefest NYFinally we have a date! Link to facebook here. Oh, and Jealous Cowards will also play. Check them out here!

The release of the EP

We are very busy planning the release of our first record. The EP will be released on vinyl and will also be free to download in mp3. The release will be celebrated with a big party somewhere in Gothenburg. More info will come shortly!