Hisingen surf punk since 2011

The LP is coming!


For all you english speakers: We are releasing our debut full length vinyl November 28th and are planning to celebrate this. Check out our Facebook for upcoming info: https://www.facebook.com/ftardsgbg/


Nya videos från Mission & Väckelse

Nya liveklipp har laddats upp från Mission & Väckelse i Jönköping där vi spelade i maj -14. Mycket nöje!

New song – new video

A fan made this video to our currently unreleased track “Love of error”. Check it out!

Fucktards new/old video

Here’s an old video från our release party last summer, that hasn’t seen the light of day yet. Mbeya Dangerous is clearly a danceable punk song, sprung from the Mbeya underground.

Home again

The two gigs in Bucharest were too awesome. We had the time of our lives. Will upload some pictures when we have the time! For now you can view them on our facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ftardsgbg


Fucktards go to Bucharest


On Thursday we’re gonna fly to Bucharest to play two gigs. We are super excited. If we have any Romanian fans: Hope to see you there! If we have no Romanian fans: Show up and let’s become friends! B)

This Sunday: Live @ 128:A with Juggling Jugulars

The title says it all. Food and drinks will be served. Also dancable punk surf music.

Se y’all there!

Fucktards live @ Mission & Väckelse

Next friday, May 2, we will play our first gig ever in Jönköping at Mission & Väckelse. Don’t miss this piece of surf punk history.

Razorcake review

A short review by the fanzine Razorcake was published about a month ago, but we found it today!

“Took me some time to find any information on this band since the only thing printed on this 7” is the band name and names of songs. Turns out Fucktards are a Swedish band, from Hisingen, Gothenburg Sweden. Wouldn’t have guessed this by my first couple of listens. It’s straight early ‘80s hardcore punk/surf rock. Think Circle Jerks/JFA/Black Flag. Surf guitars with circle pit-inducing beats ready to work shit up into a foamy lather. It’s solid. –Camylle Reynolds”

Thank you for listening!

Live at King George

Tomorrow (friday) night we will be playing at King George, in Majorna, Gothenburg. Please do come!